Elektresch Lint Remover Rechargeable

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Elektresch Lint Remover Rechargeable
Elektresch Lint Remover Rechargeable

Krank vun haartnäckege Fuuss, Fuzz, an Hausdéieren Hoer ruinéieren Är Kleeder, Miwwelen, an Heem?

 Instantly Remove Fuzz, Pet Hair, Lint, or Fluff Balls!
Safe To Touch, Safe For All Fabrics!
✓ Bring Old Fabric Back To Life!
✓ Works On Clothes, Furniture, Rugs & More!

The revolutionary Fabric Shaver uses a rotating inner blade that spins to remove and collect excess fuzz on your Kleeder direkt. Safe to touch, the Fabric Shaver has a guard that doesn’t allow any damage to the fabric or your hands.

Elektresch Lint Remover Rechargeable

Einfach ze benotzen, einfach turn it on and run it over the desired fabric, in one simple swipe you will see all excess fluff balls removed. It sucks them in to the storage compartment that is amoviblen Dag so you can easily clean it.

Note: Please kindly clean The fuzz container when it is 70% full. Do not forget to clean around the stainless steel blade.
Say goodbye to annoying build-up and pet hair on socks, t-shirts and more that you were ready to throw in the garbage. The Fabric Shaver restores old clothing to look as good as new.
USB portable universal fast charging, convenient and fast to use
Elektresch Lint Remover Rechargeable